What Would You Do....

With Six Football Fields Of Marijuana?

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The Green Goddess Is An ‘Almost True’ Story…

Flying High -- Busted!

Four Americans growing marijuana in Northern California. Until the Drug Enforcement Agency shows up.

Never Leave a Friend Behind

One of them is caught, and the remaining three flee to Switzerland in order to raise money and get their friend out of jail by growing six massive football fields worth of marijuana.

Aim High -- Go On An Adventure

Having just enough money for one planting season, our heroes rent a Swiss farm. Their adventures take them across Europe, including a medical marijuana clinic in London and the coffee shops of Amsterdam. All the while, the Green Goddess – the divine feminine spirit that lives within the THC crystal – watches over them, choosing one lucky individual to meet her.

Deep Passion -- True Meaning

Seven years in the making, this epic ganja film was sprouted from a deep love of marijuana, music and adventure.

The Green Goddess Is Waiting For You...

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